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Choose a flexible and reliable logistic partner.

Our customized logistics service is not only for individuals! We have at heart to accompany the entrepreneurs in their daily life and are able to offer them the following services:

Handling from A to Z from moving to storage!

From boxing, to storage and disposal.

All this with an available and attentive customer service.


Our role is clear: to simplify your daily life!

A service for notaries and real estate agents.

MOOVEBOX accompanies you every day. A real estate transaction is always a turning point. Whether it is chosen, within the framework of a life project, or undergone, as during an inheritance. Having the right contacts can make all the difference. MOOVEBOX takes care of everything: boxing and storage with no time commitment, but also disposal. Thus, you can concentrate on your strong points and propose an additional level of accompaniment to your customers.

Reactive and available, our Moovers go out of their way to satisfy your customers and confirm the credibility of your brand.

Gladys PETITRENAUD - Commercial Agent ORPI

“Selling or buying a property is a real life project. The Moovebox service has been a great help to many of my clients. Indeed, the complete and secure service has allowed them to move and/or store the contents of their home without having to deal with it. One less mental and physical burden while easing the transition from sale to acquisition.”

Jean-Louis GOUBY - Real Estate Agent WELCHOME BOURGOGNE

“I find it timely to introduce Moovebox services to my clients who are very often looking for furniture removal and short or medium term storage of their furniture. For me it’s a big plus that positively advances the transactions.”

A service for Architects and Contractors.

For all your projects, call on a logistics and storage professional.

The implementation of a project, whether it is pure creation or rehabilitation of the existing, is an immense logistic chain. MOOVEBOX proposes to be one of these links and thus to offer you the flexibility that any construction site needs. You have a lot of things to think about, let our Moovers take care of the furniture. Dismantling, supply and packing in boxes, delivery and storage without time commitment and even disposal if necessary, MOOVEBOX is the assurance of a job well done. Once the work is finished, we bring back your customers’ belongings, reassemble their furniture and remove the waste.

A service for businesses.

The world is changing and companies are not spared. The real estate issue is now an important part of the equation. Telecommuting, increased energy costs, so many reasons to rationalize your assets.
The management of your furniture remains an unknown that MOOVEBOX proposes to manage. Whether it is for long term storage or for a momentary transition between two addresses, MOOVEBOX has the required skills to accompany you. Company managers, financial directors, you are no longer alone. MOOVEBOX puts all its know-how at your service for a smooth transition.

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