With Moovebox

Move lightly.

Moovebox, the tailor-made move.

Move with peace of mind, with ease. Because we know how much your belongings mean to you, we provide you with removal experts and quality equipment.

With Moovebox, moving has never been so easy : our Moovers take care of everything, from packing your belongings in boxes if you wish, to storage and inventory.

And it’s « à la carte » : whether you need a move to put your belongings in storage, a door-to-door move, to move part of your goods and store another part, we offer you the formula that fits your needs.

With Moovebox, your goods are in good hands.

Because a successful move cannot be improvised, call on our Moovers to be sure to have a quality service. We guarantee you a service that will meet your needs, that will save your time and we will make sure that your belongings are transported in complete safety by a team of attentive professionals.

Experienced staff.

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why all our Moovers are carefully recruited and have several years of experience. As true professionals in the removal business, our experts are trained to transport your belongings safely and with a smile.

High quality equipment.

In order to guarantee optimal transport of your goods, our teams only work with professional equipment. Cardboard boxes, packaging, protection, wooden crates made in France, vehicles, goods lifts and elevators, we make it a point of honour to use top-of-the-range equipment to ensure the best possible logistics during your move.

Follow the steps of your move online.

With Moovebox, you move effortlessly, because we take care of everything! All you have to do is follow the progress of your move in real time in your personal account. We’ll alert you at every step of the way and send you notifications if there is any problem.

Tailor-made insurance.

At Moovebox, we do not skimp on security. That’s why your belongings are insured at every stage of our service, from removal to storage. And because each service is unique, we offer you the insurance that suits you : classic or premium. If you entrust us with valuable goods, we advise you to opt for the premium formula in order to be protected to the extent of the value of your goods.

Moovebox, the tailor-made removal.

Because each removal is unique, we ensure that our services match your needs. The price we offer you is calculated according to the volume of what you need to transport, the specifics of your home, the equipment needed and the distance to be covered. We offer several options to guarantee you a tailor-made quality service.

You want to pack your things yourself ?

Because we have experience in transport, you can trust us : packing is very important. That’s why we send you enough quality cardboard boxes and protectors so you can pack your belongings.

You wish to entrust the packing of your belongings.

No time for boxes ? Don’t panic, we send our Moovers to your rescue. They will carefully box and pack your belongings using professional packing materials. All you have to do is supervise the operations…

With or without inventory ?

At Moovebox inventory is up to you. You can do it by yourself or entrust this task to our Moovers. But whatever happens, you have the last word because we don’t validate anything without your agreement !

Return anywhere in the world, with or without our team.

Because you may need your belongings at any time, we guarantee a total or partial return of your goods worldwide, with us or through another service provider of your choice. And with the Courier option, you can manage everything with a few clicks in your personal account.

Are you interested in our service ?

Talk to one of our Moovers and choose the solution that suits you…