On the move for you.With Moovebox, choose the solution that suits you.

Moving and storing have never been easier.

When moving and storing merge, you get Moovebox. A premium service that adapts to your needs and ensures you are 100% taken care of. Our Moovers pick up, store and deliver your belongings where and when you need them.

How does Moovebox work ?

Whether you want to move and store all of your belongings or just some of them, our rates are calculated according to your cubage in order to guarantee you a customised price. We go step by step :


1. You make your quotation request.

With just a few clicks, fill in your personal information so that our Moovers can call you back.

2. You make an appointment according to your availibities.

Choose the date and time that suits you and our Moovers will determine what you need.

3. Physical or video-call appointment, the choice is yours.

Choose the most suitable solution. Our Moovers can come to you or video-call you to calculate your exact cubage.

4. You receive a personalised quote.

Once you have found the right solution, everything is done directly online : all you have to do is accept and sign your quote in your personal secure account.

5. Plan and organise the move.

Together we will organise your move so that you have nothing to do on the big day.

6. You want to pack your things yourself.

We send you quality boxes and packaging because the safety of your belongings is our priority.

7. You move... with peace of mind.

Your move is carried out by experienced professionals who listen to you. All our Moovers have more than fifteen years of experience and are trained to our methods.

8. All you have to do is store... without the slightest effort.

Your goods are stored in an isolated, dry facility, protected from rodents and pests. They are then monitored 24 hours a day and placed under video surveillance.

9. Your belongings remain at your fingertips in your personal account.

You can access all your information directly from your customer area. And with the Courier option, you can schedule a partial return of a box or furniture with one click.

10. Return to sender.

Wherever you are in the world, we deliver your goods on estimate 🙂 

Opt for freedom with the Courier option.

With your online inventory, your goods are at your fingertips.

Make your life easy with the Courier option: Moovebox provides you with a precise inventory of all your belongings. At any time, you can consult the list of all your boxes and what they contain. You wish to recover one or more items ? Have it delivered to one or more addresses ? Nothing could be simpler, just create a retrieval request in your personal account. Once again, we offer you a tailor-made rate depending on what you wish to have delivered and the destination you choose.

Who is Moovebox for ?

For all those who want to move and/or store with ease.

You go abroad

You have a professional opportunity ? You want to travel, you need some fresh air or you want to change your life and go abroad ? With Moovebox, you can leave with a light spirit.

Are you starting renovation work ?

Do you need to carry out renovation work of varying degrees of importance? Do you want to store your belongings safely, make room to undertake your work with peace of mind ? Our Moovers come and get what you want to store and put it in a safe place for the duration of your work.

You need space at home !

Do you want to free up a room for your future child ? You have no more space in your cupboards ? Is your cellar full ? There’s no need to part with your belongings : Moovebox frees you from them and returns them to you at any time.

A relative of yours is moving

Are you moving in France or abroad ? Do you want to organise the move of a relative ? Are you moving to a smaller place or a temporary residence ? Removal and total or partial storage, whatever the size of your need, our Moovers take care of your goods. In the event of an inheritance, nothing could be simpler : we store your belongings and send them to the various beneficiaries (if you need to).

Are you interested in our service ?

Talk to one of our Moovers and choose the solution that suits you…