How do you store the furniture of a loved one moving into a retirement home?

When a loved one moves into a retirement home, it’s often necessary to find a solution for storing their furniture. Whether it’s for inheritance purposes, resale, or simply to preserve possessions, choosing the right storage facility is essential. This article will guide you through the various storage options, focusing on aspects such as location, accessibility, security, estimated volume and contract duration.

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What are the options for the future?

When your loved one moves into a retirement home, it's important to determine the purpose for which the furniture will be stored. There are several options open to you.

Preservation for inheritance.

If you plan to keep the furniture for a future inheritance, secure storage is an excellent solution.

Eventual resale.

If you're planning to sell the goods, it's best to opt for accessible storage, allowing easy removal of items when necessary.

Donations or other alternatives.

In some cases, you may want to consider making donations to charities or finding other solutions to give the furniture a new lease on life.

Storage location.

For long-term storage, choosing a storage facility outside Paris can be an attractive option. Rental costs are often lower, which means significant savings over time. It's important to take into account the distance from your place of residence, to facilitate possible visits.


The accessibility of the storage unit will depend on your specific needs. If you're planning to sell your furniture gradually, it's best to choose a storage facility with easy, regular access. On the other hand, if you're planning long-term storage without the need for frequent access, you may prefer a storage facility that's less accessible but offers better rates.

Storage security.

Security is a key criterion when choosing a storage facility. Make sure the facility has adequate security measures, such as video surveillance systems, access controls, alarms and insurance against damage and theft. Ask about the security protocols in place to guarantee the protection of your belongings.

Estimate the volume required.

Before choosing a storage facility, it's important to estimate the volume you'll need to select the right storage space. Make a detailed inventory of the furniture to be stored, and measure the dimensions of bulky items.

Contract duration.

The duration of the storage contract is an important aspect to consider. Consider how long you plan to keep the furniture in storage. Some facilities offer flexible contracts with monthly rental options, while others offer longer-term contracts. Choose according to your specific needs, and take into account the possibility of extending or terminating the contract if necessary. Note: a long-term commitment often offers more competitive prices.

Moovebox: an all-in-one solution.

Among the many options available, Moovebox stands out by offering an all-in-one solution for storing your loved one's furniture. We offer a pick-up service directly from your home, followed by transportation to our secure warehouses. We also offer packaging, labeling and disposal solutions to simplify the process. What's more, if you need to send the furniture anywhere in France or even abroad, we can organize full or partial shipment. Our convenient, comprehensive service makes it easy for you to manage your loved one's furniture storage.


When a loved one moves into a retirement home, storing their furniture is a major concern. Whether you're considering keeping them for inheritance, reselling them or finding other solutions, it's essential to choose the right storage facility. By considering location, accessibility, security, estimated volume, length of contract and exploring solutions such as Moovebox, you can make informed decisions about storing your loved one's furniture, meeting your specific needs and offering peace of mind.

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