How to find the right storage space for your business

Renting a storage space can quickly become necessary for professionals who need to store equipment, products or documents. It is crucial to select a storage facility that meets your requirements in order to maximize its usefulness. In this article, we'll look at why you might consider renting a storage unit, the types of belongings that can be stored, and the different options you have for finding a suitable storage unit for your business.

Why rent a storage unit as a business owner

Notaries and real estate agents.

Notaries and real estate agents regularly have logistical needs for their clients who need to move and store a lot of furniture and other bulky items. Using a storage service can allow them to focus 100% on their business and their clients without having to worry about the logistical aspect, while increasing their clients' satisfaction.

Architects and project managers.

Implementing any real estate project is a logistical challenge every time, requiring flexibility and agility. Having storage space for these activities is often necessary in order to carry out the projects, throughout the duration of the construction sites.

For business leaders and CFOs.

The world is changing rapidly and so is the business world. Telecommuting, rising energy costs are all reasons to rationalize one's business assets. For long term storage or for a transition between two addresses, it can be essential to rent a storage unit.

What can be stored in a professional storage facility

Furniture and large equipment.

Desks, chairs, furniture, construction equipment, so many bulky objects that can be accommodated in a professional storage facility, with a view to being kept for the time of a construction site, a move or even very long term.

Papers and archives.

In the business world, papers, administrative documents and archives accumulate very quickly. Although they take up a considerable amount of space, it is important to keep them over time. A storage space in a storage facility allows you to store all these documents safely.

Product Inventory

Sometimes your store's storage space is too small or even non-existent. In this case, renting a storage space is the most suitable solution to address this issue.

How to choose the right storage unit according to your needs

Depending on the volume of goods you want to store.

It is important to estimate the overall volume of items you want to store in order to rent a storage facility with enough volume to accommodate all of your items.

At Moovebox, we take care of making an inventory of your company's or your clients' items in order to propose a suitable storage space.

Depending on your needs for access to the storage unit.

Do you need to visit your storage space regularly, to remove or drop off construction equipment, or products for example? Or you simply need to store the furniture of one of your customers for a determined period of time without having to touch it? Depending on your needs, the right storage facility may differ.

Depending on the characteristics of the premises.

Dry premises, protected from humidity, are a necessity in order to be sure to keep all your belongings in the best conditions and avoid them being damaged over time.

In addition, it is essential to verify that the premises are well secured, with video surveillance, alarms and security guards.
It is essential to verify the healthiness of the premises in which you will store your goods.

The storage facility is the ideal solution for professionals who need flexibility for the storage of their various goods. At Moovebox, we are aware of the problems and needs of professionals and have solutions adapted to each of your activities.

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