How to find the right storage space for your needs

Renting a storage unit can be very useful for individuals for a variety of reasons, such as the need to store personal belongings during a time of transition or to declutter their home to save space. Finding a storage space that meets your needs is crucial to making the most of this option. In this article, we’ll explore why you might consider renting a storage unit, the types of belongings that can be stored, and the different options for finding a storage space that suits your needs.

Why rent a storage unit?

You don't have enough space in your home.

Over time, it is normal to accumulate more and more items in your home, and it may happen that you no longer have enough space to store everything. It is also possible that you are moving to a smaller home than your old one. In these cases, hiring a storage service company can be an ideal option.

Work on your home.

You are planning to renovate your home and you don't know what to do with your furniture during this period. Renting a storage unit is certainly the best option in order to put your belongings in a safe place and protect them during the renovations.


You want to go on a long trip and do not have a place to store your belongings. During these months or years of travel, it is possible to use a furniture storage company that will store your belongings securely until your return.

Life change.

Marriage, divorce, transfer... So many life events that can affect your belongings and your ability to store them somewhere. In these cases, it may be wise to consider storing your belongings in a furniture storage facility.

What can be stored in a storage facility?

Large objects and bulky furniture.

We think of them directly when we mention the furniture storage. Large furniture and bulky objects of all kinds are often those that are the most difficult to store given their volume.

Papers and archives.

Paper and documents accumulate quickly over the years and it is important to be able to keep track of them, although it takes up space and you are not going to have to consult them regularly.

Seasonal equipment.

Clothing, gardening equipment, sports equipment, work tools, all items that are only used at specific times of the year and need to be stored the rest of the time to make room in your home or business.

How to choose the right storage facility based on your needs

Depending on the volume of goods you want to store.

It is important to estimate the overall volume of items you want to store in order to rent a storage facility with enough volume to accommodate all your belongings.

At Moovebox, we take care of making an inventory of your items in order to offer you a storage space that is adapted to your needs.

Depending on your needs for access to the objects.

If you need to access your items on a regular basis or not, the right storage unit for your needs may vary. If you need to access them regularly, a storage facility that is close to your home and arranged for easy access is important.

If you don't need regular access, in the case of a move for example, or for very long term storage as part of a trip abroad, it may not be necessary to choose a 24 hour storage facility.

Depending on the characteristics of the premises.

It is essential to check the healthiness of the premises in which you will store your belongings. A dry environment, protected from humidity, is necessary to avoid damaging your goods. Prefer isolated premises and avoid containers in the middle of empty lots.

The premises must also be secured, with alarm devices, video surveillance and security guards, so that you can be sure that your belongings are not stolen.

Storage is the ideal solution for people who do not have the possibility to store some of their belongings themselves. To answer this need, Moovebox offers an all-in-one solution, by proposing to make the inventory of your goods, to store them, and to deliver them if needed anywhere in the world.

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